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less time

less people

more precision

Sharpy Survey manages the restitution! No more extra work in the office.

Just one person can perform the restitution!

You can verify the restitution results directly on site, testing them until you’re satisfied.

Why Sharpy?

Even now, despite significant advancements in technology, performing a survey involves at least two people equipped with paper, pencils, measuring tape, laser meters and more. In the process, it’s easy to forget to take certain measurements, or to lose track of important documentation.

Isn’t there a simple tool which can -- rather than replace human surveyor -- actually assist them during this phase of the project, while maximizing efficiency and minimizing return trips to the site?

 The answer is YES, Sharpy Survey was conceived to meet the demands of architects, surveyors, and other specialists, responding directly to needs and concerns they expressed in the process of performing numerous surveys.

Easy to use

How difficult is Sharpy? It's super easy

Working with Sharpy means performing a survey in the same manner. You don’t have to learn anything new or different: the only thing that changes is the tool -- not the procedure or your way of thinking.

The process of creating Sharpy involves replicating all of the execution phases of a typical survey, using the traditional system of paper, pencil and measurement:

  • designing an eidotype of the environment to be analyzed;

  • measuring all of the objects needed for the restitution (walls and diagonals)


Once the eidotype and the measurements are complete, you can automatically obtain the restitution of the surveyed environment while still on site.


What a great time saver!


On site Restitution

A Complete Survey

  • Graphic restitution directly on site, allowing you to verify the accuracy of your measurements without wasting your time.

  • Sharpy weighs all of the available data and verifies the possibility of arriving at an unequivocal solution, while taking into account possible errors in measurement.

  • If it can’t arrive at a solution, the algorithm will request additional information in order to complete the graphic restitution.


Export to DXF

  • “File Export” function makes Sharpy Survey a complete tool, allowing you to save time, obtain instant results on site, and resolve discrepancies while you’re still in the field.

  • The exported DXF file contains all of the surveyed elements and it subdivides them into layers; in addition, doors and windows are exported as blocks.

  • What if you want to perform a survey in multiple spaces? You do it the same way as you would with paper and pencil: one room at a time.

  • You create an eidotype of each room, measure it, validate the measurements, and insert the openings and doorways. 

  • It’s possible to connect rooms that share a door by inputting measurements of the thickness of the walls.

  • You can complete the survey by inputting quotes, height measurements, and text labels.

Two-finger Tap

  • Align edges and Set/Unset as 90° are commands you can access by double tapping the screen, adding useful information to segments or vertices you select.

  • Align edges--> Allows Sharpy to verify that the selected segments are aligned. During the validation phase, the algorithm adjusts the segments, positioning them on a shared straight line.

  • Set/unset as 90°--> Allows to verify that the selected vertices contain right angles. Moreover, when you add a right angle, its diagonal is automatically calculated using the Pythagorean theorem.